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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to BAS-IP workspace

Getting Started​

πŸ’‘ Before starting, we recommend familiarize yourself with the functionality of our devices in our wiki, and then refer to the API references and specifications.

Explore APIs​

Take a look at our APIs and imagine what you could build.

Multi-apartment panels API 1.x.x

API /v0 up to and including 3.7.0 firmware version.

Multi-apartment panels API 2.x.x

API /v1 starting from 3.9.0 firmware version.

Individual panels API 0.x.x

API /v0 for D postfix panels starting from 2.0.0 firmware version.

Individual panels API 1.x.x

API /v1 for D postfix panels starting from 3.0.0 firmware version.

Android monitors API 1.x.x

API /v0 for Andtoid monitors starting from 5.0.0 firmware version.

Linux monitors API 0.x.x

API /v0 for Linux monitors starting from 1.0.0 firmware version.

Lift controller API 1.x.x

API /v1 for Lift controller EVRC-IP starting from 1.0.0 firmware version.

Forward compatibility​

An API is Forwards Compatible if a program written against one version of the API will also work the same way, without modification, against previous versions of the API.

We make no guarantee of Forwards Compatibility in our REST APIs, but we provide the following non-normative guidelines about our approach to forwards compatibility.

Postel's Law​

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others Where possible, we follow the Robustness Principle above. This means that the API will determine what to do with a request based only on the parts of that it recognises.

  • Request query parameters that are not recognised by the server will be ignored.
  • Expansion parameters that are not recognised by the server will be ignored.
  • Properties of structured (i.e. JSON) data submitted via mutative requests that are not recognised by the server will be ignored.
  • Data that is intended to be passed to a plugin extension that is not installed or is not active will be ignored.

Deprecation policy​

The REST API deprecation policy should be consumed in addition to any other relevant deprecation policies. When there is a conflict of policy, the most restrictive policy should be followed.


All effort should be taken to notify consumers, through all relevant communication channels of new deprecations. Changelogs will be posted on this page as they arise.

Time frames​

Publicly accessibly REST APIs must be given reasonable notice of deprecations. Any deprecated REST API in the devices MUST be available in its original form for at least 12 months, UNLESS there are critical security vulnerabilities or other blockers preventing the development of new features.


We're Here to Help​

Get in touch and let us know how we can help πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Contact our technical support to get help from our team of in-house experts.

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Contact sales at [email protected] on the products purchase or special conditions.

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